Super Easy Vegan Taco Filling

Perfect for burritos, tacos, enchiladas and nachos!

Super easy, super quick…and super yummy!

You will need:  Organic Quinoa, Sea Salt, Texturized Veggie/Soy “crumbles,” Taco Seasoning and water.

Prepare the Quinoa per the directions.  (I like to add a little sea salt to the water as I boil it.)  

Add the Veggie crumbles – I used “Light Life Smart Ground” vegan crumbles.  

Add the taco seasoning and 3/4 c. H2O.  (Check to make sure the seasoning has no whey in it!  To make 100% sure, you can follow this recipe here, and prepare your own!)  

Simmer over low heat, stirring constantly, for approximately 5 minutes.  

Add other ingredients of your choosing, to taste.  (Cilantro?  Salsa?  Peppers?  Etc., etc.)  

From there, you can create any Mexican-inspired dish that would normally call for seasoned ground meat.  The quinoa gives it an almost “crunchy” texture.  Enjoy!

Easy, awesome and dee-lish!


4 thoughts on “Super Easy Vegan Taco Filling

  1. Oh this looks yummy and I really like the use of Quinoa … I bet that it gives the filling a heartiness (and great flavor). Thank you for linking to the recipe, on my blog, for taco seasoning … isn’t it the best? I love you blog … I’m following and plan to add you to my blog roll. 🙂

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