Rio’s Brazilian Cafe – Austin, Texas

Last night to celebrate our sixth year of wedded bliss, my Beloved took me to dine at Rio’s Brazilian Cafe.  He found the place by searching online for “romantic vegetarian restaurants.”  While Rio’s isn’t 100% veggie, they are both vegetarian AND vegan friendly, hence this little write-up on this blog.

We had never partaken in Brazilian fare before…in fact, the first thing that had previously popped into my mind when thinking about Brazilian cuisine, was the traditional Brazilian steak house.  (No, thank you.)

They offer a number of dishes that can easily be converted into vegan form – they’re really big on coconut milk in place of heavy, dairy-based creams.  They can also perform miracles with various kinds of squashes.

This is a tiny, unassuming place, but the service is as amazing as the food!  They even have a kitschy little “drive through” window.   (So, the next time you find yourself in the area and on a bit of a time crunch, you can simply swing through and get your Brazilian fix with little effort.)

Just FYI, I chose the Ilha Fiscal, made vegan, and the veggie version of the Nhocchi de Arroz con Linguica, was my hubby’s selection.  We also enjoyed drinks, appetizers and dessert.  We did NOT leave hungry!

Rio’s is located at 408 N. Pleasant Valley Road, in ATX.  Their phone # is 512.828.6617 and once again, I cannot recommend this place enough.  I will certainly eat there again!

Rio’s Brazilian Cafe – ATX


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